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Care Instructions for your Custom Suit

Evostyle custom tailored suits are made from the finest fabrics and constructed by some of the best bespoke tailors in the industry. However, even high quality custom suits could benefit from some simple daily maintenance. By following the steps listed below, Evostyle clients can easily prolong the life of their custom clothing.


1. Be sure to hang your custom suits on sturdy and wide wood hangers. Plastic hangers will cause your jacket shoulders to compress.


2. You should never apply an iron to the suit yourself. However, avoid the dry cleaners as much as possible. Your custom suit should be dry cleaned only if it is dirty or if it begins to smell.


3. To eliminate wrinkles, hang your custom suit in the bathroom and turn on the hot water. The steam combined with the hanging weight of the clothes will smooth out the wrinkles.


4. Always remove the garment bag before hanging up your custom suit. Hanging up in a garment bag for a prolonged amount of time will not allow the fibers and fabric of the suit to “breathe”. This will lead to a breakdown in the construction of the garment.