How It Works

Whether you come to us or we come to you, your bespoke fitting process will be a simple and enjoyable experience.

Here is what you can expect when working with us:

At home video fitting

Bespoke has no limits. Not even distance. We’ll send our custom EOS FitKit to your home or office and schedule a 30 minute virtual fitting at your convenience. All you’ll need is a friend to help with the measuring and your favorite jacket to discuss fit preference.

in person showroom fitting

If you’re in the Baltimore or Los Angelas areas, you’re welcome to book your personal fitting session in our showroom. Stop in and enjoy a fine glass of whiskey or coffee while we talk through every aspect of making the best suit for you.

pick your fabrics

With over 1,000 fine Italian suiting fabrics and over 50 unique lining choices to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options to create your ideal bespoke suit. We’ll help you choose the fabric best suited for your lifestyle or specific occasion.

choose your details

Customize every detail. You have total control over your suit. From the shape of the lapels, to the buttonholes, pockets, and embroidered monogramming... Every detail can be suited to your preference for a one of a kind look. With us, the possibilities are endless.

order goes to our tailors

Your personal stylist thoroughly reviews each aspect of your order before sending it to our Master Tailors to begin the handcrafting process.

4-6 weeks*

Every piece of your suit is measured, cut, and sewn by hand. It takes around 40 hours to make a suit from start to finish.
We promise. It’s worth the wait.

we inspect for quality

Before we send you your new suit, we inspect each detail to ensure that it matches your order perfectly and meets our expectations of quality.

delivery to your door

The suit can be shipped directly to your home or office. Is the fit slightly off? We’ll work with you and your local tailor to make the necessary adjustments.
All part of the price.

pick-up in our showroom

Stop by the showroom and try on your new suit. We’ll note any adjustments that you require and have your suit sent out to our tailors for the final touches. All adjustments with our tailor are covered in the flat rate.

get started

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