How much is shipping?
We offer free domestic shipping. International is $50.

How long does it take for me to get my order?
We ship all of our items 3 day Fedex, so you can track your order and ensure it arrives to you safe and sound.

What if I want to pick up my order the showroom, what do I do?
Your personal stylist will email you about a week before your order is ready to be picked up. We will do a first try on, and if any alterations are needed we will mark the suit and make the necessary adjustments.

Does my order require signature on delivery?
YES, but we can have it sent to a local fedex.

Is there a way to track my order?
Yes a tracking number will be emailed to you

Can you rush my order?
If you need to have a order rushed we there will be a $125 rush charge.