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Alumni Jacket

The Alumni Jacket

At Evolution of Style we are always looking for ways to expand our craft, either with unique designs, new fabrics, or in this case, by introducing a vintage style jacket. […]

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Trousers, Cuffs, mens pants Bespoke Suiting

To cuff or not to cuff…

Recently the idea of cuff’s on mens trousers and suit pants has come back into style. In reality it never left for the man who pays attention to the details. […]

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Winter Flannel, Vitale Barberis, Fall suiit Bespoke Suiting

Wool Flannel’s explained

With the colder months approaching it is a good idea to have at least one winter flannel weight suit in your collection. Flannel is typically made out of worsted wool, […]

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Welcome to the new and improved Evolution of Style! Over the last several months, we have worked hand in hand with the amazing creative team over at Fuze Branding to […]

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