Who takes my measurements if I’m not in the showroom?
We will send our custom EOS FitKit to your home or office. Once you receive that, we’ll schedule the 30 minute video fitting at your convienance. All you will need is a friend to help. A decent fitting jacket so we can talk through fit preference doesn’t hurt.

Can I use the measurements from a suit that I love the fit of?
Yes and we will make your new suit to those specifications.

What do I need to get started?
Nothing! If you’re local to one of our showrooms, just set up a time to come in. If you’re booking a virtual fitting, we will send you our custom FitKit in the mail and will schedule a fitting appointment at your convenience.

How do you know my measurements are accurate?
To ensure an accurate fit, we use a 30 Point Measuring System. We also compare your measurements to a few clients with a similar height and weight to make your numbers are within a reasonable range. If something looks off, we’ll remeasure those areas just to be sure.